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LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad: A Resource for Off Campus Users and Internet Searches

What is LibKey Nomad?

What is LibKey Nomad?

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension for computers/laptops that makes off-campus searching or connecting to our subscribed content when searching via Google easier. While searching, you can quickly see which articles are available to you through the library's subscriptions. LibKey Nomad works on publisher websites, PubMed, and even Wikipedia to connect you to scholarly resources. If we do not have the full text, LibKey Nomad will link you to Search@UW where you can make an InterLibrary Loan request.

LibKey Nomad connects you to resources while preserving your privacy. No personal account is needed, and LibKey Nomad does not track users or store your ID after you close your browser. When you click on a LibKey Nomad link, it will take you to UWRF's login page (you will need your Falcon ID/an active UWRF account) and then straight on to the full-text article. After you log in once, you won't have to log in again until you close your browser.

What Does LibKey Nomad Do?

Image Shows Cost of Article Without UWRF Library Access ($24.95)

(Slide 1/4) Before: Off Campus Access Without Search at UW or LibKey Nomad

Problem: Off campus access outside of the library website/special links did not have a way to prove that users had access to UWRF subscriptions. 

Now there is a solution that will connect you to library subscriptions wherever you search: LibKey Nomad! : 

Image of LibKey Nomad on Elsevier page

(Slide 2/4) New!: LibKey Nomad Connects You to Library Subscriptions Wherever You Search

Solution: Downloading LibKey Nomad connects you to library subscriptions and the library's request form wherever you search! 

Look for the blue "Download PDF" or "Access Options" button on the lower left hand side of the page once you've installed Nomad.

Image of LibKey Nomad links on Wikipedia

(Slide 3/4) LibKey Nomad Works on Wikipedia, too!

LibKey Nomad will connect to article DOIs (article identifiers) on Wikipedia, too! 

Image of Download Links on LibKey Nomad website

(Slide 4/4) Download LibKey Nomad now!

Download link for LibKey Nomad:

No admin account needed to download! 

LibKey Nomad is already on student lab computers via Chrome, Safari, or Edge.

Works with Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox 

Video: Installing LibKey Nomad on Google Chrome

Video Length: Approx. 1 minute