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Information about the streaming video platform Kanopy and how to embed videos in your Canvas course pages.

Films Ready for Immediate Use in Kanopy

Attached is a list of films that have already been purchased in Kanopy, so they are available for immediate use. The length of the license (how long each title is available) is listed next to each title as starting and end dates of our access to the film. 

Embed Kanopy Films on a Canvas page

Why Do We Need to Request Films?

Requesting access to films:

We have switched from an automatic purchase model to mediated access to this resource; users need to submit a request for a film. We did not "cancel Kanopy." We mediated the process instead of allowing users to trigger purchases by watching films freely on the platform. 

This change was done to stay within our budget for Kanopy (we had a 246% increase in the past year) and prevent duplicate purchases with other resources such as Films on Demand. 

Please note that films are purchased as 1 year licenses and will need to be requested each semester to ensure continuing access. 


Will Be Approved:

-Specific film being watched for a class or research (Class is assigned to watch a specific film)


Requests That May be Redirected to Another Resource or Modified Before Approval:

-Films that are already available in Films on Demand, PBS Video Online, or other library resources

-Class assignments where students are told to watch any film on a broad subject in Kanopy (examples- students are asked to find and watch a clip of a movie in French or find any documentary of their choosing about British history). Films on Demand or PBS Video Online are recommended for those types of assignments because each title in Kanopy carries an individual item cost whereas the former are part of a subscription package. 


Requests That Do Not Fit our License Terms and Can't Be Approved:

-Films for use by non-UWRF organizations (example- local environmental or political groups), even if a member of that organization is affiliated with UWRF

-Film to be used in UW Extended campus courses, since not all campuses have access to Kanopy