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Census 2010: Home

2010 Census Data

American Factfinder (AFF)

AFF has been redesigned to make searching easy:

   Community Facts,  lets you find data about a single geography (city, town, county, etc.), 

   Guided Search, which lets you choose, in this order

   -topics, and/or
   -geographies, and/or
   -race/ethnic group for People, Housing, and Business/Industry.

Advanced Search permits the downloading of data and searches by search by dataset and search by table number or table title remain.


2010 Census Summary Files

American Fact Finder

2010 Census Briefs  

Age and Sex Composition: 2010
The American Indian and Alaska Native Population: 2010
The Black Population: 2010
The Older Population: 2010
Congressional Apportionment
The Hispanic Population: 2010  
Housing Characteristics: 2010
Population Distribution and Change: 2000 to 2010  
An Overview: Race and Hispanic Origin and the 2010 Census 
The White Population: 2010

Historic Census Briefs 

2010 State & County QuickFacts


   Pierce County
   St Croix County

Helpful Information

American FactFinder Video Tutorials-  These videos require an Adobe Flash Player 


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