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Magazines and Newspapers Available in Print: Magazines and Newspapers in Print

Online Journals

New York Times Historical has page views from 1851 to four years from current. 

Wall Street Journal Historical Archive includes issues from 1889-1996.

Print Journals Located in the Library

Current popular magazines are on the display shelves in the General Interest Magazine section on the library main floor in the center. Here is a list of selected magazines with at least some ads located in the UWRF Library's paper, microfilm, and micofiche collection. You may find additional popular titles if you browse Journal Stacks, but this will give you a good start. You cannot check out magazines; you will have to photocopy (there is a color copier by the Research Help Desk), or scan items you wish to keep. 

American Dairy Review
Journal Stacks: 1965-1980

American Forests
Journal Stacks: 1931-2005

The Atlantic
Microfilm: 1857-1973
Journal Stacks: 1971-2011
Current General Interest Magazines

Atlantic Monthly
Journal Stacks: 1857-current

Journal Stacks: 1857-2011

Journal Stacks: 1963-1992

Dance Magazine
Journal Stacks: 1964-2008

Microfiche: 1960-1985
Journal Stacks: 1985-2011
Current General Interest Magazines

Journal Stacks: 1960-2003

Farm Journal
Journal Stacks: 1950-1995


Journal Stacks: 1850-2011
Current General Interest Magazines

Landscape Architecture
Journal Stacks: 1958-current

Microfilm: 1972-1989
Microfiche: 1990-2005
Journal Stacks: 2002-2011
Current General Interest Magazines

National Geographic
Journal Stacks: 1959-2011
Current General Interest Magazines

Journal Stacks: 1928-current

Microfilm: 1944-1984
Microfiche: 1964-2003
Journal Stacks: 2005-2011
Current General Interest Magazines

New Yorker
Journal Stacks: 1966-current

Psychology Today
Microfilm: 1967-1984
Microfiche: 1985-1999
Journal Stacks: 2005-2011
Current General Interest Magazines

Journal Stacks: 1970-2011
Current General Interest Magazines

Current General Interest Magazines
Journal Stacks (2005-2011)
Microfiche (1974-2008)
Microfilm (1923-1984)

Western Horseman
Journal Stacks: 1966-2013

Looking for a Specific Magazine?

Do you have a magazine in mind? Are you wondering if the library owns it? Use the Journals A-Z search on the library's homepage, & do either a search the "Starts With" or "Contains" search for terms. If we own the title, the dates and format we own will be listed, along with the location within the library

Magazines in Google

Google Books, best known for digitizing books in some of the world's leading libraries, also includes a collection of digitized popular magazines, including their advertisements.

You can browse the list or go to advanced search, check off Magazines, and enter a product name to search for ads across all titles. Please note that most only go back to around 2006. To find older material, use the "print periodicals" box on this page.