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TED 410: Early Childhood Language Arts

Top 5 Things to Know

Amanda's Top 5 Things to Know For This Project: 


  • ERIC is a subset of Search at UW that you can search separately (a database in this guide or on the Databases A-Z link on the library homepage) to ONLY search for education-related resources. I recommend starting with ERIC and then using Search at UW if you're not quite finding enough results/aren't happy with your results. ERIC can limit by grade level and has fewer search results per search, both of which make life a little easier! 
  • Sign In to  Search at UW to save items, request items from other campuses, view articles from off campus, and more! The Sign In link is right underneath the search box on the library homepage or in the upper-right corner if you're already in Search at UW.
  • Search at UW is a two part search! Use the "Refine my Results" options on the left-hand side to limit to peer-reviewed journals (high quality, scholarly journals), articles that don't need to be requested, or eliminate Topics that don't fit your search words. NOTE: Search at UW cannot limit your results by grade level/age range like ERIC can! 
  • You may need to run more than one search! Change up your search words if you're not happy with your results. One good place to check for ideas is the Thesaurus in the upper-left hand side of ERIC. Sometimes the search words used are more technical than the everyday, normal language that we use to describe a topic. 
  • Email Amanda (amanda . moeller @ uwrf . edu) if your search words don't seem to be working. Amanda can help save you time by creating a few search word sets for you to try or advise you on how to limit your searches. It would also be incredibly helpful and appreciated if you use the Report a Problem link in Search at UW or email her directly if you find any broken links or any problems with opening articles.