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Literature Reviews

This guide explains what a literature review is and includes links to example literature reviews, along with search tips

The Best Way to Find More Research!

One of the reasons that researchers must cite the articles/research they use is so that others can find and read it!

Once you find one article on your topic, check that article's bibliography/references/works cited at the bottom of the article. It is very likely that there will be articles, books, or other research related to the topic that will be helpful. 

If you find a title on that list of citations that sounds helpful, copy and paste the article title (which is usually right after the author's name- see the highlighted example in the picture below) into Search at UW to find a copy. 


example of a reference list

Ask for Help!

Some topics are easier to search than others and librarians are pros at searching! We can save you some time and stress, helping you get the best possible results. We enjoy helping students with their research (no, really-research is fun to us!). 

Fill out an Ask a Librarian Form and a librarian can help you build a search, find more articles, or fix any problems you might have with your searches!


If you have any problems opening an article in Search at UW, there is a "Report a Problem" link in the "View It" tab of every item in Search at UW. Submit this form and we will get to work fixing the problem and making sure that you have access to the item!