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Help Using Ebook Central

Accessing Ebooks in Ebook Central

Publishers decide how a book is accessible in Ebook Central (whether it can be downloaded, whether it must be downloaded using Digital Rights Management software like Adobe Digital Editions, how long it can be downloaded). We are unable to change these settings, unfortunately. 

Most ebook downloads from Ebook Central will expire after 21 days. You can still use the "Read Online" feature to access the book after the download has expired. 

Many publishers require that downloaded books be read using Adobe Digital Editions. If you are on a campus-owned computer, Adobe Digital Editions is available in the Software Center

If you do not want to download Adobe Digital Editions or are unable to do so on your personal device, we recommend using the "Read Online" icons instead of downloading the book. The book can be read directly in the browser. 

For most ebooks, individual chapters can be downloaded using any PDF reader so this is another option if you do not wish to use Adobe Digital Editions. 


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Chapter Downloads 

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Print or Download Chapters

Getting an Adobe ID/Installing Adobe Digital Editions

Downloading Ebooks Using Adobe Digital Editions

Downloads to Kindles/Kindle App are not available via Ebook Central at this time. 

More Help

If you have questions, please email for more help!