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Search@UW: Library Resources

Explains what Search@UW is and how to use it

How to use Search@UW

What am I searching with Search@UW?

  • A vast collection of materials from UWRF and all of the UW Libraries – millions of books, e-books, videos, sound recordings, manuscripts, and more 
  • Full-text articles from thousands of scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers
  • A growing collection of digital materials from MINDS@UW, the UW System’s institutional repository, and the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections.  

What if I am looking for something more specific?

  • To search a more specialized database, see UWRF’s Databases A-Z list.
  • To search for a specific journal, type the journal's title in the search box and click Search.

How do I search?

  • Enter the keywords for your topic in the search box.  You will quickly see a list of results that matches your keywords.  You can then use the "Refine My Results" facets  found on the left hand side of the screen after you do a search. For example, there are facets for limiting to Peer Reviewed (scholarly) articles or Full-Text articles.  There are additional facets for Resource Type (article, book, etc.), Topic, Date, Author, Language, and more.

Can I truncate searches in Search@UW?

  • Use * for a wildcard search. For example, entering glaci* as a search term will search for glacial, glaciation, glacialist, etc.

Can I search for a phrase in Search@UW? 

  • Use quotation marks around phrases to search.  For example, a search for “Emerging avian disease” will search in Search@UW as a whole phrase and not the individual words. 

How to Use Search@UW

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