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UWRF Library Research Guides

Find a research guide to help you use library resources and services more efficiently.

About Research Guides

What are research guides?

Research guides showcase resources chosen by librarians to assist the UWRF community with their research and projects.

What's in the different tabs?

Top Guides: Not sure where to start? Check out our top guides below! We've highlighted our main guides for you. 

Library Information: Check out these guides to learn more about the library and its resources and services. 

Research and Writing Help: Check out these guides for resources to assist you with research and writing.

Subject and Class Guides: Selected guides on different subjects, along with a select number of specific class guides.

Archival Resources: Guides created to assist patrons using the University Archives and Area Research Center.

Top Guides

Not sure where to start? Check out our top guides below! 


Welcome to the Chalmer Davee Library! Use these research guides to learn about the library's resources and services and how to use them more efficiently.

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