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Electronic Resources Changes

This guide will be updated as new resources are added, resources are removed, or when a resource is cancelled.

Resources Under Evaluation

As possible, we will list electronic resources under reconsideration for renewal here. Placement on this list does not mean that a renewal/cancellation decision has been made. Please email to provide feedback.


America: History and Life is under reconsideration as part of the Shared Electronic (System-wide) collection called the SEC or Foundational Undergraduate Collection. The current subscription expires in March of 2024. 

The resource is extremely expensive for an abstract and index (no full text content) resource at a cost of about $100,000. Our campus has never subscribed to the full text version of this product and the full text version has never been part of the System collection. Usage on our campus is very low; only about 1% of our EBSCO searches are from this product, placing it around the same usage as a small engine repair database. The Shared Electronic Collection (SEC) group is looking at alternatives, including whether or not it is possible to fund JSTOR collections through the SEC.