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TED 410 Class Visit

TED 410 Library Virtual Class

Welcome to Class!


Welcome to our virtual library class visit!

To navigate into each of the 5 modules we'll be working through today, use the blue columns on the left-hand side of this page.


We will mostly be using an education database called ERIC today but I also provided some information about Search at UW in case you would like to use that resource for this assignment. You will see these both mentioned briefly in Modules 1-3 before we learn more about using them in Modules 4 and 5. 


Outline for Today's Visit:

1. What Makes a Good Source? What are Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed Journals?

2. Building and Revising Your Search

3. Evaluating the Information in Your Results

4. Using ERIC

5. Optional: Expanding to Search at UW (If you're not getting enough results from ERIC/prefer using Search at UW)