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TED 410 Library Virtual Class

Top 5 Things to Know


1. A peer-reviewed journal means that it has been checked for accuracy by other faculty/researchers in the same field.

2. Journal reviewers and editors also get to choose which articles are accepted for publication; not all submitted articles are published or some must undergo heavy revision before they can be published. Some journals only have a 3-4% acceptance rate for publishing submitted articles!

2. Peer-reviewed journals are sometimes also called scholarly journals. 

3. You can limit your searches just to peer-reviewed or scholarly journals. In your search results in both ERIC and Search at UW, there will be a checkbox where you can pick "Peer Reviewed" or "Peer Reviewed Journals." We will demonstrate this in other modules. 

5. Scholarly journals use a more formal scientific or standardized vocabulary than web pages or newspapers. That's why it's important to build our searches carefully to make sure we're describing things in a similar way to articles that we're trying to find in ERIC or Search at UW! 

2 Minute Video: Parts of a Scholarly Article

Check Your Knowledge After the Video: What is an Abstract?
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