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Durable Linking

Information for faculty and staff who want to create links to articles, books and films from library online resources

What are Durable Links?

Durable links, also known as "permalinks" or "deeplinks," allow you to create a link to an item on the web that will not change and that will provide for continued access to a specific item when you refer back to it later.  Many of the library's resources provide the means for you to create durable links to articles, books, book chapters, and streaming videos.  With a durable link, a student can click on an article, book, or video link provided in Canvas or on a syllabus and go directly to the item they need to read or view. 

In most cases, you cannot simply cut and paste the URL for an article or other item from a library subscription database or from Search@UW.  These links are dynamic and are created on the fly when you retrieve the article.  Chances are that when you try to follow the link at a later date, the link will no longer work.

The instructions in this guide provide the steps that you need to follow in order to create correct links from a few of the library's most popular resources. If you don't see instructions for the one that you need, please email and we will be happy to assist!

Accessing Resources from Off Campus using URLs

Another consideration when creating links is most links from the address bar are not set up to ensure off-campus access. 

You're all set if... :

-The URL starts with ezproxy.uwrf...  (adding this to URLs does not ensure access, but seeing it is an indication it has been configured to work from off campus for authorized users)

-The link is copied from the Databases A-Z page on the library homepage

-The link is copied using any of the methods in this LibGuide


Please ask for help if you're not sure, especially if...: 

-You're using the URL for a course/coursework

-You're using the URL in your address bar

-You're working with someone who is not currently enrolled at UWRF (such as a graduate assistant, research partner, etc.) 


We're more than happy to make sure students and members of the UWRF community have access to everything they need!