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TED Graduate Student Resources

Resources for Teacher Education Graduate Students

Outline for Today's Session

1. Building Your Search Strategy 

2. Building a Search Words/Search Phrases 

3. Find Information: Running Your Searches

  1. Search at UW (Search box on library homepage): Books/ebooks, millions of popular and scholarly articles, news items, streaming audio/video, etc.
    • Use "Refine My Results" features on the left-hand side of your search results to limit to item type, take out items not matching your search/items that are not from peer-reviewed journals, etc. 
  2. ERIC (see Article Databases tab in this guide): Searches JUST education journals and government reports
    • Use Thesaurus in upper-left hand corner to find words and phrases describing your search words
    • Advanced Search features: Limit by grade level (note: Search at UW can't limit by grade levels/age ranges when searching a topic), a check box to limit to scholarly/peer reviewed articles
    • Since ERIC is searching fewer items than Search at UW, your search phrases can be use fewer words or be broader in what you're searching

4. Evaluate Your Search Results and Resources 

5. Revise Your Searches Based On Your Results or the Type of Resources Needed 

6. Questions, fill out survey cards, and answer direct assessment question (box on this page)

Direct Assessment Question-Please answer at the END of class

Of these four choices, which would be the most effective way to narrow down my search words?
Go to Google: 0 votes (0%)
Use more specific or technical language to focus my topic: 0 votes (0%)
Add things like "the importance of" and "the significance of" in front of it: 0 votes (0%)
Only search a single word at a time: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 0