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Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery

This guide explains how to get materials from other libraries.

Who may request items through interlibrary loan (ILL)?


  • Faculty and Staff
  • Emeriti and Honored Retirees
  • Currently Enrolled Graduate and Undergraduate Students

I'm no longer a student at UWRF. May I still request items through ILL?

If you are currently not a part of one of these groups:

  • Faculty and Staff
  • Emeriti and Honored Retirees
  • Currently Enrolled Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Please see your local public library for interlibrary loan options.

What can I request through ILL?

The interlibrary loan staff obtains books, articles, dissertations, DVDs, CDs, musical scores, reports, and other material from outside libraries and institutions.

How much does it cost to make an ILL request?

While many academic institutions charge for ILL services, we offer these services at no charge to eligible users. We are happy to provide for our patrons' research, teaching, and study needs and will do our best to acquire needed materials as efficiently as possible.

However, we ask our patrons to be mindful that ILL services are not free for the UWRF Library. In fact, some items are quite expensive to obtain. Please be judicious in making your requests. That way, you can help to ensure that the UWRF Library is able to continue providing ILL services free of charge for eligible users.

How long does it take to receive an ILL item?

Many factors determine when ILL items arrive. Typically, but not always, electronic journal articles and book chapters arrive anywhere between 2-7 days. Books, audio-visual items, and other loans typically take 4-8 days, as they have to travel via the postal service.

How do I access my ILL article?

The interlibrary loan staff will email you a notification when any ILL article you requested has arrived.

You can access articles and chapters electronically by clicking here. This link is also available on the library's home page. 


Click 'Electronically Received Articles' under 'View' on the left side of your screen.

You will then click the PDF iconof the item you wish to open. At that point, you may download, save, and/or print your article. These articles are automatically deleted after 60 days.

Where do I pick up my ILL book?

Books, musical scores, CDs, DVDs, and other loans will be picked up at the main circulation desk during the hours the library portion of the building is open. You need your UWRF ID to check out ILL items. Curbside pickup is also available. 

Though rare, some ILL loans will be designated library-use only. These designations will be in the notification emails.

How long can I keep my ILL item?

The library who lends the materials to us determines due dates for all items they loan, not the UWRF Library. Typically, but not always, loan periods are about four weeks, with one two week renewal if requested.  Your due date will be noted on the pink slip in your book.

How can I renew my ILL material?

Renewals are at the discretion of the lending libraries, and the length is determined by them. If you would like to renew your ILL item, please contact the ILL Department (before your book is due!), and the staff will submit the request for you.

Since all renewals are decided by the lending libraries, the interlibrary loan staff will email you when it finds out if your renewal request is approved or denied. You may keep your ILL item in the meantime.

How do I request an ILL item that I need right away?

The interlibrary loan staff does its best to process requests as soon as it receives them. After the ILL staff processes a request, it is up to another library to decide when - or if - it can lend or copy an item. In other words, the ILL staff can only control when it processes a request. The ILL staff does not control when - or if - any item arrives.

If you need an item very quickly, please contact the interlibrary Loan Department; we may be able to estimate how long material will take to arrive.

Phone: 715-425-3321


Can I request a textbook through interlibrary loan?

No. The interlibrary loan staff is not able to obtain textbooks. Undergraduates needing textbooks for their class please contact Textbook Services.

Graduates may purchase textbooks at the UWRF Bookstore or other sources. Interlibrary loan should not be considered a substitute for purchasing a textbook.

Can I request an ebook?

At this time Interlibrary Loan can't support the medium of ebooks and therefore we cannot borrow them. 

If you are a faculty and the ebook is your your course please send an email to

We can submit requests for the physical version of ebooks if available. 

Can I request a physical item through ILL if UWRF has an online version?

Yes, we can request a physical item for you. These items are subject to the lending library's due dates.