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Top 6 Things to Know


  1. Ask for help! Either email or use our appointment form to book a session with a librarian.  Virtual appointments can be done through Microsoft Teams. 
  2. NEVER pay money for books or articles for classes. Items can be requested from any UW campus or even other libraries across the country for no additional cost to you. If you have trouble finding an item, email for help. Do not contact other libraries directly for materials; there is a process called Interlibrary Loan that we use to request materials. If you can't find the item in Search at UW, you can fill out the Interlibrary Loan form directly through this link.
  3. Search at UW is our library's main research hub for finding books, articles, streaming video content, and more! It is my recommended starting place for most searches. If you want to narrow your results to a specific grade level/range, the database ERIC (linked in the "Other Education Resources" on the left hand side of this page), is the most effective way to do this type of searching. 
  4. A lot of Montessori content will not be English even though the article title and abstract/summary are in English. Search at UW can help remove these results. Look at the "Limit to English Language Content in Search at UW" at the bottom of this page for more information.
  5. If you need print books while not on campus, please consult this guide for more information on options for distance learners. 
  6. As off campus users, I recommend that you download LibKey Nomad (download links and information about this resource are on the "Library Research Tools" link on the left hand side of this page). 

Limit Search at UW Searches to Exclude Non-English Language Content

One of the most frequent problems we see with Interlibrary Loan Requests from Montessori students is that they did not realize that the article was not in English because the article's title was in English. Many international journals will publish the article titles and abstract/summary in English but the article text will be in a variety of different languages (Dutch, German, and Italian seem to be common for Montessori subjects).

Fortunately, it is very easy to remove non-English language content in Search at UW or limit just to the languages of your choosing. Below is an approximately 1:40 minute demonstration on how to do this in Search at UW.