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Search Helpers in Search at UW

Underneath "Refine my Results" on the left-hand side of your search results, you can do the following:

-Click on "Available at River Falls" to find a physical book or article

-Click on "River Falls Online Resources" to find items that are NOT physical books or articles

-Use the links under "Resource Type" to find other types of resources that you may need (ex- articles, newspapers, etc.)

-Hover your mouse over the words underneath "Topic." You can click on the orange circle with an X to exclude any of these from your search.


Search Hacks

Here are some simple tricks for making your search better. Remember, our reference librarians are happy to help you with these steps of your search!

1. Take out topic words like "impact of" and "importance of." 

2. To search a whole phrase, put it into quotations to keep the words together in the search. Example: "emerging avian disease."

3. Searching for an author? Try the Advanced Search to the right of the search box and choose "author/creator" in the first drop-down that appears. 

4. Some words have a lot of endings. You can search all of the different endings by adding an asterisk at the end of its root. Example "child*" will search child, children, children's, and more. 

5. Adding some capitalized words between your search words can help improve it (and yes, they must be capitalized to work). AND, OR, and NOT can all be used to make your search words work together.