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Tips and Tricks

  • Have a few combinations of words related to your search ready before you begin searching. 
    • Example: differentiated instruction could also be individualized instruction, differentiated learning, differentiation
  • Be willing to use the limits on the left-hand side such as "Peer Reviewed" or the topics suggested 
  • If your initial search seems way off, try a different set of search words or try adding words to your original search
  • The library databases in the "Other Education Resources" tab to the left above in this guide will have a "Thesaurus" section in the upper-left hand side of the page. This is a GREAT way to find the "scholarly" terms for your searches. A librarian can help you with this if you get stuck. 

Possible Search Words to Try

Examples of different search words possible for a topic 


  • Montessori method of education
  •  Montessori schools
  •  student-centered learning 


  • Piaget
  • Anchored instruction
  • Constructivist education  

Peace Education  (the scholarly subject term for this one is "Peace-Study and Teaching" in EBSCO brand databases)  

  • Peace Studies 

Peer tutoring

  •  Peer teaching
  • Learning by Teaching
  • Teaching methods
  • Paired Reading 


  • Manipulative materials
  • Mathematics instruction-audiovisual aids
  • Teaching aids ,  Teaching devices
  • Experiential learning