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Manage Your Citations with Zotero

Zotero is an open-source citation manager (similar to RefWorks or End Note). You can organize your citations directly from your browser, format them based on a chosen citation style, and integrate the citations directly into Google Drive or Microsoft Word documents!

There are four parts to the Zotero download:

1. Set up an account on the Zotero website (do not use your UWRF username/password). The sync feature will not work unless you create a Zotero account. 

2. The desktop client.

3. The browser extension (if you use multiple browsers, you will need to set it up separately on Safari, Chrome, etc.)

4. The additional integration into a word processor like Word, LibreOffice, or Google Drive.


Each of the above parts need to be set up in order for Zotero to work correctly. 


Since it is an open source product, you will continue to have access to your citations after you graduate or change employment. It is also helpful if you work or take classes at multiple institutions. 

Since it is an open source product, the software is not owned or managed by the university. Due to staffing levels, we cannot provide help with Zotero installations or provide technical support for this resource. There are many tutorial guides from other universities and You Tube tutorials available via a Google search. 

Video Series: Getting Started with Zotero (Approx. 15 Minutes)

Video approximately from librarians of McGill University showing the basics of Zotero (please disregard any instructions specific to their campus and their contact information on the video and contact Chalmer Davee Library with your Zotero questions using this UWRF email).