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TED 211: Educational Psychology

Key Things to Remember

Here are some key things to remember from today's session.

  1. Ask for help! Either email Amanda (amanda . moeller @ or use our appointment form to book a session with a librarian.
  2. The OWL at Purdue has lots of information about citations and even has sample papers so you can see how citations and other parts of the paper are formatted. Although Search at UW has computer-generated citations, they're often wrong and should be checked. 
  3. NEVER pay money for books or articles for classes. Items can be requested from any UW campus or even other libraries across the country for no additional cost to you. If you have trouble finding an item, email Amanda and she can help.
  4. Revise your search words if you are having trouble finding results or use the search limits on the left side of the page in Search at UW.
  5. Search at UW cannot find results based on specific grade levels, but the database ERIC (found in the Databases A-Z page on the library homepage or at the top of the page in Search at UW) has the option to do that on its search page. There will be a box called "Intended Audience" at the bottom of the page. 
  6. Another reason to get used to using ERIC is that it's also part of Minnesota and Wisconsin's state-funded electronic collections, so you can continue using them long after you graduate through those state collections! For MN, the site is called eLibrary Minnesota and Wisconsin's is called Badgerlink.