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TED 211: Educational Psychology

Help Searching Class Signals/Cueing


Classroom Management is the best way to search for cueing- there are very, very few books specific to cues


Terms to try in the ERIC Journal Article Database: 



Classroom transitions 

Other related subjects in the ERIC database: classroom communication



Searching for books: classroom management is the most broad term that will likely work, look for books by Robert Marzano (Use the Author drop down in the Advanced Search option in Search at UW, otherwise you will just see articles about him, not the books he wrote. Amanda can help you with this.)


Search at UW: will not understand cueing, if using signal try "classroom signaling" (keep words in quotes to keep them together in the search)


Search the Elementary School Journal's site for "cueing"- they have several articles on this topic but the new search features on that website does make them hard to find 


Other Ways to Describe cueing:

Stimulus cueing (see Classroom Management That Works by Marzano and Pickering for a book that includes a section on this)

Reward power


There are also some great articles on cueing specific to autism or special education- some of those titles are listed in the box below



Related Articles

Supporting Classroom Transitions Between Daily Routines

Strategies and Tips

Teaching Transitions: Techniques for Supporting Success Between Lessons

Thesis about First Grade Transitions Time via Games:

Search Search at UW for these:

Taking the time out of transitions

C Guardino, EK Fullerton - Education and Treatment of Children, 2014

Focuses on Cueing for Students with Autism but a lot of the advice/information is solid and could apply to a classroom at large:

Dettmer, S., Simpson, R., Myles, B., & Ganz, J. (2000). The use of visual supports to facilitate transitions of students with autism. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 15, 163-169.

Sterling-Turner, H. & Jordan, S. (2007). Interventions addressing transition difficulties for individuals with autism. Psychology in the Schools, 44, 681-690.