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TED 211: Educational Psychology

Recommended Authors/Educators

Parent/Guardian Communication

Joyce Epstein

Sarah Lawrence Lightfoot

Canter & Canter 

Classroom Management

William Glasser

Rudolph Dreikurs

Wong & Wong

Rosenthal and Jacobson 

Robert Merton 

Alfie Kohn


Harry and Rosemary Wong

Responsive Classroom


Carol Dweck: Mindset

Eward Deci and Richard Ryan (self determination theory) 

Robert Merton

Angela Duckworth: Grit

Richard LaVoie

Video: Richard LaVoie Motivation Breakthrough

Classroom Signals/Prompts/Cues

Marilyn Page : You Can't Teach Until Everyone is Listening and The Power of Our Words (These are on Course Reserve)

Searching for an Author in Search at UW

1. Click on the Advanced Search link to the right of the main search box in Search at UW

2. Click on the "Any field" box and pick "Author/Creator" from the drop-down menu. Put the author's name in the search box in that line.

This is important to do if you're looking for books by a specific author since it will otherwise include books about that author (which for authors like Montessori and Piaget is a lot of books!). 


Journal Titles to Search

Search for these in Search at UW and then limit to "Journals" under the Resource Type list on the left hand side of the search results (gray "Refine my Results" box): 

Educational Leadership

Phi Delta Kappan

National Association of Secondary School Principals

National Association of School Psychologists