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New to the Montessori Program? First Steps:

Welcome to UWRF and Chalmer Davee Library!

As someone new to the program, here are some things I recommend doing before starting on your research.

1. Install LibKey Nomad for easier off campus access to articles. 

2. Install Zotero to manage your citations and keep your research organized.

3. Need help learning how to use Search at UW or ERIC? Watch these help videos

4. Practice signing into Search at UW (search box on library homepage). We recommend signing in each time for better off campus access and because it speeds up the Resource Sharing/Interlibrary Loan request process. Your sign is the same Falcon ID that you use for Canvas, your campus email, etc. 

5. Need help with citations? The OWL at Purdue is the best site out there for citation help. Bookmark or save this site for later. They also have samples of papers using correct formatting/citations.