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Curriculum Materials Collection (CMC)

How to Use Search @ UW Basics

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Limit your Searches to the CMC

Under "location" in Search at UW, select Curriculum Materials Collection

On the left-hand side of Search at UW, there will be a section marked "Location" when you scroll to the bottom. There will be THREE locations marked as Curriculum Materials Collection: Curriculum Materials Collection, Curriculum Materials Collection-Teach, and Curriculum Materials-Textbooks. Hover over the link to see the full name and make sure that you have Curriculum Materials Collection selected. Then click on the Green "Apply Filters" button--this is important, because it will not change the search otherwise. 

This search ONLY includes the CMC here on campus, and not all of the great resources available at other UW campuses, but when you're in a hurry and need something right away, this is a great option to limit your search.