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Curriculum Materials Collection (CMC)

Complete Book Readings from Teaching Books

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Overdrive (Libby)

Free Ebook Collections or Readalouds

Ebooks from Public Libraries


If you are a Wisconsin resident (your legal residence is in Wisconsin) OR if you have a library card from River Falls Public Library, you can use the state library ebook collection called Wisconsin Digital Library. 

If you already have a public library card, use that number for signup (not your w#). 

If you do not have public library card yet, you can sign up for an e-card using this form:

Instructions for using the Wisconsin Digital Library:


If you are a Minnesota resident (your legal residence is in Minnesota), your primary access for ebooks will be through your local public library's website. You can usually sign up for an ecard if you do not have a public library card yet or your public library card is expired.

Look for the following phrases on the library website's menu/tabs: Ecard signup, Access ebooks, Online collections, etc.


Stillwater Public Library:

Hennepin County Library:


Once you have a public library card/ecard, there are also a few smaller state-level ebook collections that you will be able to use, including one for K-5 ebooks:


Other States

North Dakota: North Dakota online resources:

Illinois: Digital Library of Illinois:

Other states: please check the public library website for the city where your permanent residence is located