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Copyright @ UW-River Falls

Have questions about copyright? Check out this guide.

What are Public Performance Rights (PPR)?

Public Performance Rights (PPR) are the legal rights to publicly show a film or video (media). Normally the media producer or distributor manages these rights. The rights-holder can assign PPR to others through a Public Performance License.

Do I need PPR?

PPR are required for:

  • All screenings of copyrighted media to audiences outside of regular curriculum. Examples:
    • Student club events
    • Extracurricular sponsored events such as general lectures
    • Film series

PPR are not required for:

Does the library purchase videos/DVDs with PPR?

Since Davee Library acquires media to support the curriculum, and face-to-face teaching is exempt from PPR, Davee Library does not typically secure PPR with video and DVD purchases.  However, many distributors of our educational videos include PPR in the purchase price which means they can be shown in a free, non-profit setting that is open to the public.  Some distributors we purchase materials from with PPR include:

Arab Film Distribution

Bullfrog Films

California Newsreel

First Run Icarus    

Films for the Humanities & Sciences

Media Education Foundation

New Day Films 

Women Make Movies

You can search the library catalog using the publishers' names to see which films we own.

How can I tell if a video/DVD the library owns has PPR included?

Videos/DVDs in the Davee Library collection with PPR include a note in the  the catalog record: "Includes Public Performance Rights" for films for which PPR have been purchased.

How do I get PPR?

Individuals and organizations are responsible for obtaining performance rights for all publicly screened media.

Some companies to contact to secure (license) PPR:

For more information about viewing films for non-classroom use at UWRF, please see the the following UWRF policy and procedures:

    More information about PPR